Episode 123

Stefan and James would like to apologise for being so slack: 65 days without an episode isn’t just poor time management, it’s just plain rude.

To say sorry, the gents in question would like to bestow upon your ears approximately one hour of mobile tech goodness.

In this latest episode Stefan covers off new phones from HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft; and James spends some time talking about his new Sony Z3, backing Pebble Time Steel, and his iPad Pencil.

All that, and more, in April’s edition of… THE VOICEMAIL!

[Episode 123, 62 minutes, 25 seconds, 57.14 MB]


SHOW NOTES: This is the Samsung S6 Edge video that James mentions. 

Episode 123

3 thoughts on “Episode 123

  1. Thatcreepyguystandinginyourwindow says:

    I had better see some Pebble pj’s!! Lol OMG you two fucking tossers are the shit

  2. Question for next show (although perhaps too techy). In 2015 why don’t mobile phones (and PC’s, for that matter), have the capability to connect and mesh the internet connection to multiple radios.. eg WiFi and GSM? Would mean a more stable connection.. (and faster..)

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