Episode 123

Stefan and James would like to apologise for being so slack: 65 days without an episode isn’t just poor time management, it’s just plain rude.

To say sorry, the gents in question would like to bestow upon your ears approximately one hour of mobile tech goodness.

In this latest episode Stefan covers off new phones from HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft; and James spends some time talking about his new Sony Z3, backing Pebble Time Steel, and his iPad Pencil.

All that, and more, in April’s edition of… THE VOICEMAIL!

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SHOW NOTES: This is the Samsung S6 Edge video that James mentions. 

Episode 123

Episode 122

In their second edition of 2015 Stefan and James are joyous in their mutual love of all things related to Q4 financial earnings.

Also covered this week:

  • James doesn’t have a new phone
  • Stefan doesn’t have his mic
  • James doesn’t have his iPad
  • Stefan doesn’t care about Nokia

Jokes aside, our heroes talk nicely about Microsoft (Hololens – Yes!) and answer an epic bunch of reader questions.

So why not turn on, tune in, and geek out to your latest and biggest Voicemail episode of 2015 right now.


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PS. The guys are still experimenting with the new format, so any feedback you could give them in the comments below would be hugely appreciated. Much love.

Episode 122

Episode 121

Stefan and James return triumphantly for 2015 and, for their first show in nearly three months, they have a LOT to catch up on.

In this episode you will find:

  • Stefan got a new phone
  • James did not get a new phone (but knows which one he wants)

Also covered: the future of The Voicemail in 2015.

As it’s been a while since the last podcast, the team would love to hear your feedback. A five star rating on iTunes is always welcome of course, but your comments and general words of love help validate The Voicemail’s existence; so some of those would be great.


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Episode 121

#XboxOne vs #PS4

In a break from our usual programming, James goes completely off-piste (and non-mobile) and calls up one of his video gamer friends, one Mr Mark Burstiner, in New York to talk about the burning issue on every gamer’s lips this winter: Which next generation console should I get?

If you’re still here and you’re still interested, then it might be good to know that all of this kicked off last week when James made his purchasing intentions clear in a blog post on his website. The subsequent Facebook commentary (still ongoing) is what prompted this 30 minute natter and … well …  we hope you enjoy it.

[Audio: 31 minutes, 49 seconds, 29.13 MB]

Warning: There’s hardly any mobile phone chat here whatsoever; in fact, this episode isn’t even Voicemail canon, so if you want to skip it, please do. Stefan and James will not be offended and will be back later in the week with Episode 074.

#XboxOne vs #PS4

Episode 072

The final week of Stefan’s 2013 record absences and James is joined by none other than the amazing, the astounding, the nothing-short-of-legendary, Rafe Blandford.

Rafe Blandford is awesome. Rafe is also one third of the 361 Degrees Podcast as well as editor-in-chief and co-founder of the All About websites; with his main base of operations these days over at All About Windows Phone.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, the geeky duo select an astonishing amount of news items to discuss, everything from Nokia actually making a profit through to LG phones that fit around your buttocks. Yes, that’s right – your buttocks.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of The Voicemail.

EDIT: here’s that ‘Android first‘ post that Rafe and James discuss towards the end. James promised to link to it, and he forgot.

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Episode 072

Episode 071

Two major things happened this week: Apple said HELLO to a whole bunch of non-iPhone related hardware and Nokia said GOODBYE with a swan song of Windows [Phone] 8 devices large and small larger.

Both events were excellent in their own right, but to find out what our fearless podcasters thought, you’re going to have to have put Episode 071 of The Voicemail in your ears pretty darn quick.

Regular listeners will know that Stefan is currently on leave, so this week James is joined by the biggest thing to come out of Austria since Schwarzenegger, Mr Michael Hell (who’s definitely not a Bond villain).

[Episode 071, 33 minutes, 01 seconds, 31.7 MB]

Episode 071

Episode 070

Stefan is off on his holidays (again), so James dialled up one of his old blogging compadres, and fellow mobile broadcaster, Ben Smith, from the 361 Degrees Mobile Podcast.

The temporary duo chat about the newly/finally announced HTC One Max, T-Mobile’s industry-busting global data charges, and dare we say it – the AMAZON PHONE.

Ben’s a nice guy, you should tune in for him alone.

Update: link issues now resolved – 

[Episode 070, 32 minutes, 55 seconds, 31.6 MB]

Episode 070

Episode 066

This week: CHAOS!

James got hit by a cab, which meant he missed the [already rearranged] recording slot, which meant Stefan’s schedule was out of whack, which meant James had to record without him! Shocking.

But never fear, Associate Editor at Engadget and all round mobile journalist extraordinaire, Matt Brian, stepped into the breach and did a fantastic job covering Mr Constantinescu – as you will no doubt soon find out.

This week: Nokia, Android, Jolla, and Selfies.

Yes. Selfies.

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Episode 066

Episode 040

In this, the final episode of The Voicemail before the return of Stefan Constantinescu, James is joined by mobile geek extraordinaire, Terence Eden.

The show was recorded a mere two hours before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, so the pair of podcasters simply guess at just how awesome (or boring) the newly announced device will be; lasers and all. Also covered: mobile security flaws, life blogging, the death of Google Reader (shield your ears), and finally .tel domains: are they worth it?

Incidentally, Terence Eden has a blog; you might like it.

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Episode 040