Episode 122

In their second edition of 2015 Stefan and James are joyous in their mutual love of all things related to Q4 financial earnings.

Also covered this week:

  • James doesn’t have a new phone
  • Stefan doesn’t have his mic
  • James doesn’t have his iPad
  • Stefan doesn’t care about Nokia

Jokes aside, our heroes talk nicely about Microsoft (Hololens – Yes!) and answer an epic bunch of reader questions.

So why not turn on, tune in, and geek out to your latest and biggest Voicemail episode of 2015 right now.


[Episode 122, 53 minutes, 38 seconds, 49.09 MB]


PS. The guys are still experimenting with the new format, so any feedback you could give them in the comments below would be hugely appreciated. Much love.

Episode 122

5 thoughts on “Episode 122

  1. rcadden says:

    1. I still think the once-a-month recording is lame. Miss hearing you guys on a weekly basis. Perhaps I’ll just start calling y’all on alternating weeks and chatting through my commute….

    2. Stefan didn’t sound *that* bad, honestly. But yes, the Blue Yeti is a monstrous microphone.

    3. Agreed on Nokia. They don’t really “sell” anything that anyone [read: consumers] cares about.

    4. I don’t anticipate this will be covered in the next episode, given it’ll be mostly MWC news, but I’m curious about when you guys think the ‘ecosystem’ will matter to consumers? Stefan has an iPhone and (I believe) an Apple computer, but loves his Android tablet. James uses an Android phone, but has both an Apple computer and (I believe as a secondary) a Windows computer, and an iPad (however lost it may be), and a PS4.

    When I was watching the Windows 10 event, I couldn’t help but notice how cleanly it all [appeared] to integrate with one another – desktop, laptop, TV (via Xbox), phone, and Hololens. Seeing it presented as such, I want it – all. As a consumer, I’ve mostly eschewed Apple products, but I have an Android phone and a Windows tablet (more for play, really) and computer, and an Xbox (360, cause I’m old-school like that).

    We can all agree that Windows Phone is not nearly the solution/experience of iPhone or Android, but do you think that a more tight integration with tablet/desktop, and potentially the carry-over of Cortana “following” you from device to device, will possibly address or at least help that?

    I can’t help but associate the Windows vision of the future with that of the movie “Her”, in which the personal “assistant” seamlessly flows from his computer to his phone and back again.

  2. I’ve been drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid lately…and like the both of you used to be, I’m a Nokia die-hard…my question is, I’m screwed, right? I don’t even want to admit this, despite how proud I act about it, but I’m STILL using an 808 Pureview as my day to day…in 2015 (mark it up to finances if you’d like, I know I do).

    How sad is 2015 going to be for me in finding a new device? Is the 930 all I got?

    Love the show guys and welcome back,

  3. I’m going to pretend that I haven’t read The Guru’s comment above, and make a few myself (I know, double post, but get over it):

    A). I’m bummed on the once a month decision…I’m sure it can’t be helped, but I’m still disappointed (Stefan will please explain to James what we Americans mean by ‘bummed’). Less is more and all that rubbish, but still…you get my point.

    B). For all of the laughs that you two have been having over the past couple of years at the expense of Windows, and through all of the let downs that we’ve experienced from Microsoft, is it possible that they’ve finally gotten it (the idea) right? Maybe not in the immediate sense (how many people do you know that own a Windows Phone?), but surely there’s something to be said about their offerings? At the risk of sounding like Litchfield, Microsoft really does have the best game going in the tablet space, in my opinion, when it comes to slate form factor; more than just email, browsing, and games…but a real, live computer that is currently smaller than a sheet of paper and only slightly thicker than a couple of Peachy folders…something to think about, no (and of course cross-compatible from here to whatever they try to think up next)?

    C). Are we surprised that Samsung is losing a bit of luster/share? Did we not all collectively bemoan their terrible hardware three years ago? Weren’t we all aware of their popularity-by-mass-marketing? Has this ever been in doubt? I’m not surprised that they’re finally getting their due, and that the consumer public is figuring out that there are better alternatives…But the real test for Samsung lies in the next couple of product cycles…they have so many advantages stacked on their side that it feels like it’s their market to lose. In a word: they need to innovate, big time…and now (hint: software isn’t the key, although that would probably help).

    D). I will never drink and listen to your podcast again. Good night (morning) and I thank you both.


  4. Ned Sarm says:

    Hi Guys,
    As long as you guys keep producing a show the monthly format is fine by me. Maybe have some guests on.

    Stefan I got the iPhone 6 plus. Never had a iPhone before and it’s really great. I bought the unlocked T-Mobile version direct from Apple but took it back because they released A1524 (Sprint version that works on GSM/CDMA) model unlocked a few days later, so I picked up the A1524 instead. Now when I sell this phone down the road I can actually sell to someone who has Sprint or Boost besides the normal T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. I believe the Nexus 6 also has the same feature.

    I don’t use Siri much but I use the ‘hey Siri’ when I wake up at night and I don’t want to reach for my phone to see what time it is.

    First world problem. The lightning connector. Trying to charge this phone it the dark is a pain. Especially with a case on. I scratched my phone near the charging port and on the back with the Lightning connector. Good thing I bought the silver one so it’s not that noticeable.

    On the android side I sold my M7 last week and my Nexus 7 2013 LTE finally got Lollipop this week. It’s ok but I think the battery life has gotten a bit worse. One major dislike is that lock screen widgets are no longer available. I had dash clock with weather temp and I can’t find a work around. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. P Lund says:

    Take a look at episode 122 from 3′ 39″. There was some kind of audio breakthrough at that point.

    Making phones that are glass both sides has always been a stupid idea James. Phones get dropped, everyone on the planet knows that. Now even Samsung have done it. Why?

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