Episode 124

James and Stefan catch up after a little over a month apart. Life has been keeping the two separate, but they’ve committed to returning to a regular schedule. Topics discussed on this show include the LG G4, Sony’s rumored P2, the HTC Butterfly 3 (along with its terrible ad campaign), European mobile operators blocking Google ads, and briefly mention the major upcoming developer conferences: Google I/O (May 28) and Apple’s WWDC (June 8).

[Episode 124, 51 minutes and 53 seconds, 49.8 MB]

Episode 124

3 thoughts on “Episode 124

  1. Thatcreepyguystandingoutsideyoirwindow says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’m famous! Way to pimp my words in the last 10 seconds of the episode

  2. rcadden says:

    Glad you guys are back.

    James – have you considered looking at the latest Motorola devices? I’ve inadvertently wound up purchasing both the 2013 and 2014 Moto X, and they’re really quite nice devices. The extra bits of Moto software is really smart, and the build quality of the newer one is fantastic, as well.

    Stefan – loved your comment about reading Twitter all day. It’s a completely different perspective when you do it as a brand vs as yourself – you see more of the junk, for sure. It’s part of the reason I’m [slowly] transitioning away from being “the social guy” and to a more general marketing role. Just can’t handle that much stupid for that many years in a row.

    1. Hey man, thanks for the comment (as ever).

      I’ve been looking at the whole Moto range over the past couple of days; there are some awesome handset-only deals right now (Moto X for £400, the Moto 360 for £150) so I’m thinking on it.

      I was kinda hoping we might see something new for 2015 (and we still might) so I’m holding out for whatever that might be.

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