Episode 121

Stefan and James return triumphantly for 2015 and, for their first show in nearly three months, they have a LOT to catch up on.

In this episode you will find:

  • Stefan got a new phone
  • James did not get a new phone (but knows which one he wants)

Also covered: the future of The Voicemail in 2015.

As it’s been a while since the last podcast, the team would love to hear your feedback. A five star rating on iTunes is always welcome of course, but your comments and general words of love help validate The Voicemail’s existence; so some of those would be great.


[Episode 121, 39 minutes, 49 seconds, 36.45 MB]

Episode 121

10 thoughts on “Episode 121

  1. Missed the show fellas. Glad you are back. Some comments/questions (since I missed submitting questions):

    Stefan: you got the iPhone 6+? Wouldn’t that challenge your Android-tablet for work moments? Or, is iOS still not there in terms of keeping you as productive as you are on Android?

    Contactless payments: we (USAmericans) are so silly. Shame it requires Apple to push part of what makes sense. Shame still that Starbucks has been the only one to make it profitable – in the way MCX wants to go. Like that cities are looking at paying parking tickets and other city services via mobile (catching up to Estonia, Finland, etc. whoohoo). Where do you both see P2P payments evolving from this?

    Nokia N1 Tablet: honestly has the only skin that matters. Putting things in front of you when/before you need them is the “next” for mobile/tablet UI? “Not quite AI” if you will. Some makers will do more like this, some won’t. How do you feel about your device adapting itself to you after learning your workflows/tendencies? Does this diminish the appeal (for some) of larger screen devices?

    CES (and its China-in-May redux), I/O, etc. – are we past the point of the need for these large conferences for introducing *soon to get* products? Would these be better served to point to concepts (when we talk about what journalists should cover), and companies doing their own events for soon-to-purchase stuff (think: Apple events)?

    In terms of the show: you should look at doing what happened when Stefan was away… have guests. I would tie it to dates in the respect of aiming for a week (every 2nd week, or every 3rd week kinda thing). I don’t know that it should stay every week, but I do think that either of you being on deck w/that guest should always be. I liked my time as a guest, made me step up my game that’s for sure. This is a good show – very solid approach to this kind of content.

    Personally speaking, the Samsung Gear S (and its similar type) are on my radar. Makes a lot of sense when you have a decent tablet in hand. Stefan, you aren’t silly in that thought – you, like others, are finding that the essentials of owning a mobile don’t need a screen, just a decent filter.

  2. Robbie-rubberman says:

    Heh – heh, so gutsy. You hate doing this, you don’t give a squat about tech, you felt like quitting, but hey, rate us as 5 stars! LOL.

    As Stephan said many times, buh-bye!

      1. Samson says:

        As a relatively new listener I have more or less the same impression. Especially Stephan doesn’t seem to be interested in these mobile things anymore. Which is a pity, because of course he knows a lot of stuff. Still: I hope that you can prove me wrong next time! Many greetings

  3. Jonathan Pownall says:

    I’m pleased you’ve decided to keep going guys. I’ve missed your weekly chats and it was like having two old friends back.

    On tablets – recently got a Linx 8 (thanks to our friends over at techtalkuk.com for the heads up) and it is fantastic for the price. I wouldn’t want to write off Windows in the mobile space just yet as some seem to be doing…

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Moving to a monthly format will keep us fresh and is easier on our respective schedules. Glad to hear that we’re welcomed back to your ears so warmly šŸ™‚

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