Episode 040

In this, the final episode of The Voicemail before the return of Stefan Constantinescu, James is joined by mobile geek extraordinaire, Terence Eden.

The show was recorded a mere two hours before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, so the pair of podcasters simply guess at just how awesome (or boring) the newly announced device will be; lasers and all. Also covered: mobile security flaws, life blogging, the death of Google Reader (shield your ears), and finally .tel domains: are they worth it?

Incidentally, Terence Eden has a blog; you might like it.

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[Episode 040, 34 minutes 12 seconds, 31.30 MB]

Episode 040

5 thoughts on “Episode 040

  1. Enjoyed the show (as usual). Terence’s blog gets me thinking a bit (dangerous).

    I liked the idea of .tel as well when it came out, but figured that I could build in much of that functionality to a traditional domain (my digital business card experiment started from that).

    And yes, there’s a lot more ownership of the streams that we need to take on as users. Those of us on these podcasts, writing blogs/articles/books, and leading in tech companies should be leading by teaching folks how to build their own, not how to get locked in and lose all.

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