Episode 039

Techcrunch writer, Natasha Lomas, is James’ guest this week and brings her own unique point of view on the mobile news that you need to know. The duo manage to cover a lot of ground, including: Sailfish at MWC, the Samsung SIV eye-tracking rumours, and Nokia’s attempts at woo-ing Instagram (we’re not kidding).

Amongst all that, there’s some listener questions (well, one) and Natasha comes up with an awesome nickname for the soon-to-return Stefan.

Two links this week: first, to the Samsung smart screen leak; and second to the Apple innovation article discussed near the ned.

Finally, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show – we’d really, really appreciate it.

[Episode 039, 33 minutes 19 seconds, 30.49 MB]

Episode 039

One thought on “Episode 039

  1. Awesome show. The comments on #2instawithlove I Totally agree with, there’s just no excuse with the marketing effort there. Not that Nokia could do better, but why hasn’t Microsoft added their voice to it?

    HTC needs something more compelling than phone geeks. The beats idea made sense, but they didn’t push it harder. Their designs are good, but its not just about design but about getting volume. And their designs and software aren’t compelling enough for carriers to care, or for fans to drive it forward.

    @riptari was a great host. An awesome finish to guest hosts on the screen. A Conference or panel with just the guest hosts and Stefan and James hosting would be pretty neat (the voicemail, the live playback version). Looking forwardto the next show.

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