Episode 041

Stefan’s back, and he’s sounding pretty hoarse, but he’s got enough voice in him to talk about his adventures in South East Asia. And as for the news, James likes HTC’s One, but Stefan doesn’t. On the flip side, James doesn’t like the Galaxy S4, but Stefan does. Apple can’t build a website to save their lives (see this tweet), and no one cares about BlackBerry.

That list bit isn’t really news though.

As always, any and all feedback if appreciated. If you use iTunes to listen to the show, then don’t forget to rate us! Good ratings = warm and fuzzy feelings.

[Episode 041, 32 minutes 57 seconds, 30.18 MB]

Episode 041

One thought on “Episode 041

  1. Getting a smaller laptop… Boo. Honestly, I would have thought you would have looked at picking up the Asus Padfone while you were traveling. You’d have that larger screen, and the keyboard you so desire. With the fun of less to manage. But, I’m a fan of that device, so there’s some bias there.

    Do you plan on getting a bigger battery (but not one that makes the device physically better) for your new Phablet?

    Time for James to get something new. Me thinks it will be a fancy new Nokia, and then you’ll move to something else.

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