Episode 038

The Barcelona hangover is slowly passing and James is joined by MWC-attendee, Dan Carter (aka Mobile Man Dan), senior editor over at Cool Smart Phone and of course, a certifiable mobile geek.

Topics up for dicussion include: disgustingly cheap (smart?)phones, the latest news from Mobile World Congress 2013, and we compare the shiny new Sony Xperia Z to the even shinier HTC One.

Links mentioned: the Samsung Beam at Not at MWC, the proximity sensor thing that James doesn’t know the name of is in fact called ‘Mobeam‘, and that WP8 screenshot.

As ever, thanks for listening and, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show. It really, really does help others discover our work.

[Episode 038, 35 minutes 43 seconds, 32.69 MB]

Episode 038

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