Episode 037

James is joined by Nik Butler this week, a man who wants to rant about (amongst other things) the lack of decent mobile technology infrastructure for small-to-medium enterprises.

Outside of that, the pair discuss Burberry launching (and then not launching) RFID for the non-RFID enabled iPhone, the launch of the HTC One and the Playstation 4.

As ever, thanks for listening and, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show. It really, really does help others discover our work.

[Episode 037, 37 minutes 09 seconds, 34.01MB]

Episode 037

2 thoughts on “Episode 037

  1. HA! Love the Ubuntu Mobile comments Nik; totally in agreement with you too. Ubuntu Mobile as being a controller for a home/enterprise Ubuntu environment, totally would have rocked and been a spoke of real innovation.

    One of the best things about having guests here has totally been hearing about mobile in a way that’s not as stale as some of the mainstream/main sites/podcasts/news cos. I’d argue that The Voicemail files right into the stream that the Carnival of the Mobilists in a sense filled, but with more character and less text.

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