Episode 035

This week James is joined by long time listener and mobile blogger, Antoine RJ Wright. Antoine writes about the nexus of mobile technology and faith at Mobile Ministry Magazine; he and James have been fans of each others’ work and have talking online for many, many years. Stefan’s a fan too, and man, will he be pissed when he finds out he missed him…

This week: more Blackberry coverage, some MWC previews, and a rather interesting piece of news on graphene (seriously).

As ever, thanks for listening and, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show. It really, really does help others discover our work.

Links mentioned: ArsTechnica on BB10, Two ReadWrite articles on BB10: for / against (we don’t normally do this whole linking thing. It’s new. Maybe we’ll keep it, maybe we won’t).

[Episode 035, 35 minutes 44 seconds, 32.71 MB]

Episode 035

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