Episode 036

In this week’s episode, friend of the show Ricky Cadden returns to the show (to apologise for his terrible appearance last time) and talks to James about Vertu’s new Android phone, Google Now’s latest updates, and James makes fun of Ricky’s obsession with Motorola Smart Actions: OBSESSED I TELL YOU.

Also, the less we mention about Ricky’s knowledge of Anssi Vanjoki’s current employment the better.

As ever, thanks for listening and, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show. It really, really does help others discover our work.

Oh, and apparently Otterboxes are a thing. Who knew?

[Episode 036, 36 minutes 58 seconds, 33.83 MB]

Episode 036

6 thoughts on “Episode 036

  1. Paul Stevenson says:

    Excellent podcast chaps. Very much enjoyed it.

    I echo the sentiments of James re: Windows Phone. I use hardly any apps but it is getting increasingly frustrating that the big apps just don’t seem to be appearing on Windows Phone. 

    I have always been fond of Nokia and mostly had Nokia handsets as historically, if you wanted a stellar camera and battery life, they were the only option. Now that’s no longer the case, and with the lack of support and love for the platform, my reasons for sticking with Nokia are diminishing. I recently had a Motorola RAZRi as a stop gap until I could get a Lumia 920. Now I’ve had my 920 for a week I have to say I miss my RAZRi. The RAZRi has great build and battery, only let down by the camera.

    I have the best of both worlds as I have the 920 and Nexus 7. I always pick up my Nexus over my 920 when at home as I love the keyboard and Google integration. I’ll stick with my 920 for now but my nostalgic feelings for Nokia are gradually dwindling and I fear, if Motorola bring out the rumoured X phone in 2013, I may be first in line and not look back, and in a way that’ll be a sad day as Nokia shouldn’t be in this position.

    1. If you’re a regular listener you’ll already know that I too am a big fan of the RAZRi. It’s the first Android device in ages that’s just felt *right*.

      The next Nexus device will be the test for me too and we’ll have to see what Nokia (and WP*) has up its sleeve later this year.

      1. Paul Stevenson says:

        Indeed. Only the other mythical 2013 phone, the Windows Phone version of the 808, will stop me from making the switch to Android full time. In all honesty I hope they release a flagship *so* good that I forget all about Android and apps. I still say apps aren’t all they’re cracked up to be for the most part.

      2. Paul Stevenson says:

        Absolutely! Please cam someone make a top end phone that isn’t another Note 2. The 920 is the biggest phone I’d want. Anything bigger is just silly IMHO.

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