Episode 034

What’s that? Blackberry are BACK? James doesn’t believe it for a second. So it’s a damn good job he’s got all-round Blackberry expert (and Editor-in-Chief of leading mobile website Mobile Industry Review) Mr Ewan Macleod, to help him out.

Ewan’s been using the Blackberry Z10 for a week or so now and well, if you tune in right now you can find out what he really thinks. James didn’t wait, which means you shouldn’t either.

As ever, thanks for listening and, if you listen to us in iTunes, please rate the show. It really, really does help others discover our work.

[Episode 034, 32 minutes 45 seconds, 33.12 MB]

Episode 034

5 thoughts on “Episode 034

  1. Mark says:

    Another good edition, the guest format is working well.

    However, the first piece about Google and support of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol differed from my understanding of the situation.

    Firstly, at the moment there is no talk of turning off support for existing registered devices for ActiveSync and even if that were done, Googlemail would continue to work using IMAP. The issue is contacts and calendar.


    covers the issue well.

    To a point I agree with Ewan about the danger of depending on free stuff.

    Sadly his experience with the Blackberry client for Googlemail rather countered his argument.

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for the feedback. You’re totally right about existing support. We introduce the topic well enough (having covered it before) so we should have made that clear.

      Glad you appreciate the guest format too! Stefan and I have discussed putting the show on ice for a few months until he returns but I’m pleased my perseverance is paying off 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    Also, the link for the Blackberry interview clip is


    I’ve heard some poor interviews (often with politicians who want to avoid answering a difficult question) but this is presenter stuck with only one question and interviewee who seems to be spouting a press release.

    Perhaps this is how the interviewee targets the business market !

    1. monkeyandweasel says:

      Way to stay on message, but look very stupid in the process.

      Interesting that Ew4n said some execs had a positive reaction to the new handset, but I think too many i-apostle analysts in the tech press have already written it off and execs will always follow what the analysts say.
      Perhaps Ew4n can be the lone voice to champion the cause.

      I think BB10 looks slick, but the hardware doesn’t meet my personal phone-choice drivers, so it aint for me.

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