Episode 167


On this week’s episode, James and Stefan discuss:

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[Episode 167, 53 minutes and 31 seconds, 38.5 MB]

Episode 167

One thought on “Episode 167

  1. Hi Guys,
    Enjoyed your talk about Twitter last week. James proved to be a social media genius when Twitter changed the category for its app from “Social” to “News” this week. I have always been using Twitter more as a news source and rarely post anything (just a podcast question from time to time) but I thought I am in the minority. After listening to you and thinking about Twitter’s strategy, I have the following questions:
    – Is the “News” segment that much more interesting in terms of revenue than the “Social” segment? Or is the segment obsolete and the only important criteria is the number of active users?
    – So Twitter is now a competitor to news sites as CNN, The Verge, ESPN and apps like Apple News?
    – Does Twitter’s policy for 3rd party apps hurt or help them in their transition to a news source?
    – What changes do you anticipate Twitter makes to their mobile app? Will it become more like Tweetdeck?
    – How was Facebook able to monetize its user base this successfully?

    Thanks for the podcast. I don’t expect answers to every question but a followup on the topic would be great.

    Jan Strasky

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