Episode 168


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan sprint through the following:

  • Facebook is building a camera app
  • Microsoft will give you a free Lumia if you buy a Lumia
  • Next Apple watch will have built-in cellular. (Is James still using a smart watch?)
  • Nokia is back in the news:
    • Disney will make films using that Ozo camera thing
    • They bought a smart watch company for $192 million
    • Earnings were under however
  • Starting next year, all phones sold in India will require a panic button for women
  • Google invented a new clasp system to make swapping out watch bands easy
  • Apple now makes more money from services than Macs
  • German city puts traffic lights on sidewalk so people can text and walk
  • LG G5 numbers:
    • “LG expects to ship three million units of the G5 in the second quarter. Executives say the phone is on track to outpace the G3 model, released two years ago, which has been one of the company’s best-sellers. LG has shipped 1.6 million units of the G5, compared with 900,000 units during the first month of the G3’s release.”
    • LG also showed off the technology to put fingerprint scanners behind phone screens
  • Remember Nintendo’s Miitomo? It now has 10 million users.
  • Twitter changes its category in Apple’s App Store from social network to news
  • Remember when Lenovo bought Motorola and kicked out its CEO? Well he’s back, at Google, as head of hardware.
  • New Google keyboard. Try it out, James?
  • India rejects Apple’s request to import and sell refurbished iPhones in the country
  • Netflix now lets you pick your quality when streaming on cellular
  • There’s going to be an active version of the Galaxy S7, though not sure if it’s only for AT&T or for multiple markets
  • Motorola will announce two flagship phones at Lenovo World on June 9th
  • America’s FCC and FTC want to know why phones don’t get updated
  • WhatsApp launches desktop apps (Windows, Mac OS X)
  • European Commission blocks O2 and Three merger
  • New Instagram logo
  • Google to launch a dedicated VR headset next week
  • Evleaks says the Galaxy Note 6 will come out in the US in the week of August 15th
  • Google to clone the Amazon Echo. It’ll come out this year. Called Chirp.

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[Episode 168, 37 minutes and 29 seconds, 25.8 MB]

Episode 168

2 thoughts on “Episode 168

  1. rodak69 says:

    Just so you guys know, I was curious why there’s no new episode. However, I’m a long time listener and I know your attitude towards the show, I simply knew that something must have happened that prevented you guys from doing it and it’s fine. Like James getting drunk. Kidding 😉

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