Episode 031

This week Stefan couldn’t make the podcast as he’s travelling around Asia on the hunt for decent Wi-Fi (hence the slight delay in publication); true story.

So instead, Ben Smith from Wireless Worker (and 361 Degrees) kindly steps in and he and James get a chance to about stuff and nonsense from CES, Nokia’s big number announcements, and the two tackle what they think is the best app for keeping fit. Kinda.

Stefan might be back next week, he might not. James will have to wait and see.

As always, we appreciate feedback. And if you use iTunes to listen to the show, then please do rate us! It helps new people find the podcast.

[Episode 031, 30 minutes 14 seconds, 27.67 MB]

Episode 031

One thought on “Episode 031

  1. anon says:

    The note popularity in south east asia is weird but not unexpected, research has shown thatsmall smartphones in SEAP that really undersell; the consumer studies showed that in a lot of countries out there they literally see “bigger is better” in terms of status symbols.

    That’s why phablets do to well, it’s really SEAP that is driving the whole phablet / big screen thing, westerners don’t care so much.

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