Episode 016

This week James and Stefan discuss Google’s relationship with China, Motorola’s new Intel based smartphone, HTC’s two new Windows Phone 8 devices and how they impact Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft, the complete and utter failure that is the “Maps” application in iOS6, and they also spend quite a bit of time answering questions from you, the audience.

As always, feedback is really appreciated. You tell James and Stefan how awesome they are all the time, which is great, but they want to get better, which means you need to be a little bit more critical.

[Episode 016, 31 minutes 40 seconds, 29 MB]

Episode 016

2 thoughts on “Episode 016

  1. MajorDouble7 says:

    Great ep guys, as usual, please keep it up!!

    A thought for future episode…? How about a rant on the current naming schemes by mobile vendors (numbers and names, etc.) and a possible ‘solution’ or preference from each of you on how these naming schemes should be changed in future. What makes the most sense for consumers? What sort of schemes would make for more attractive products? I’m not fond of the random number designations, although I do like Nokia’s use of numbers, i.e. 808, N8, E7, etc. Thoughts??

    MD 7

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