Episode 185


This isn’t the last episode of The Voicemail, but it’ll be the last one you’ll hear for a while. In it, James and Stefan discuss what’s been happening in their respective lives since the last time they recorded, what news items caught there eyes during the show’s brief hiatus, and what they’re looking forward to in 2017.

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[Episode 185, 46 minutes and 47 seconds, 33.6 MB]

Episode 185

10 thoughts on “Episode 185

  1. It’s a shame for us listeners that you’re parking the podcast, but total respect for your reasons. Meantime, thanks to you both for the podcast so far, where almost every episode has genuinely made me laugh out loud! Hopefully you find motivation to start up again soon.

  2. Ben Smith says:

    I commented on Twitter but for Stephan’s benefit – thanks for everything to-date. I’m often well behind your publishing schedule (the Christmas break gave me time to catch-up). Respect the decision to pause when you did. I know that dilemma well.

    The chat about social was – maybe accidentally – an excellent summary of where I’m at with social media right now. It has been a gateway to opportunities, entertainment and friends I’d never have otherwise met, but that’s all very much in the past now.

  3. Thanks for making such a good podcast guys. I will miss it, but it does seem like a good time to end. I could sense the boredom near the end.

    I was surprised that James isnt keen on the Switch. To me it seems like the best thing they have made for ages.

  4. Enjoyed the show as usual guys. Can totally understand the idea of taking some time off until there’s something worth talking about. Perhaps that is where the shows which are online find a better place, not that we do them in any timeslot but that they happen only when they are necessary. Interesting comments on the Nintendo. The comments about social media and living outside of your text bubbles was pretty good. That would make for a nice segment of the show if it were to return.

  5. Anson says:

    Love your show. Instead of fortnightly podcast about mobile, why not do something monthly, that is about anything interesting? It doesn’t have to be the latest news.

  6. Gdub_ says:

    Always enjoyed the Voicemail Podcast. I think it’d be great if you continued to do new episodes if the mood ever struck you. Like after a new product announcement or whenever. Cheers

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