Episode 182


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

  • Weird: Razer, the company that makes those seizure inducing gaming keyboards, purchased the THX certification company, which apparently has only 50 employees
  • Qualcomm announces new mid-range chips, with notable features being support for 8 GB of RAM and dual camera system, as well as new Quick Charge technology
  • The Chinese iOS App Store finally generates more revenue than any other region
  • Nintendo did a thing … can you explain this to me, James?
  • Huawei to unveil a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on November 3rd
  • The Mi Note 2 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Holy Shit, the Mi Mix (here’s an actual hands-on video)
  • Fun Fact: WIRED journalist says the Pixel went from idea to launch in nine months (podcast link)
  • Samsung to give South Korean Note 7 buyers a 50% off coupon they can use on either the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung announced a $350 tablet that has a stylus
  • Google unveiled a $6,000 55 inch 4K TV with a touch screen for businesses
  • Off Topic: The New York Times purchased The Wirecutter for $30 million
  • Microsoft unveiled a $3,000 touch-screen iMac
    • Highly recommended video: Microsoft’s event in 9 minutes
  • Apple’s fancy pants headphones are delayed, no one knows when they’ll ship
  • On the day of Apple’s event, Twitter announces it’s killing Vine and firing 350 people
    • What went wrong with Vine, by James
    • Stefan Side Note: I can’t sit through a 90 minute press conference anymore. Can’t even do a 60 minute press conference. Fuck me, I can’t even watch The Verge’s 10 minute super cut without wanting to slit my wrists. Am I dead inside?
  • Samsung’s phones may be exploding, but LG Mobile just had their worst quarter ever
  • Facebook now lets you target ads based on people’s race … ughhhhhh
  • Bonus: The photo that made Vlad Savov say the Pixel is better than the iPhone

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[Episode 182, 33 minutes and 43 seconds, 24.3 MB]

Episode 182

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