Episode 181


On this week’s Extended Edition of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

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[Episode 181, 61 minutes and 37 seconds, 44.4 MB]

Episode 181

3 thoughts on “Episode 181

  1. Roland Roberts says:

    Re: note 7… Yes. Had the original. Had the replacement. There will be nothing better this year, though maybe the pixel xl might come close. Probably getting one Friday. On Verizon. With a whole 3 verizon apps, all of which are uninstallible, though the my Verizon one is useful for account holders. And they’ve said the updates won’t be delayed.

  2. […] I’m sharing occasional words and photos using the #madebygoogle hashtag – I also said a lot about my decision to purchase this phone the way I have on last week’s episode of The Voicemail podcast. Had some great feedback about that episode too so, y’know, if you haven’t listened before. Why not try now? […]

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