Episode 173


In this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

  • Recommended reading: Nokia’s future
  • Vine/Twitter up the video limit to 140 (get it?) seconds
  • WSJ says what we already know: Next iPhones will have few changes
  • Motorola’s head of design (pictured above) is out, he’s becoming a professor
  • Huawei is working on a new version of EMUI for Western markets; also its own OS
  • People are making 100 million calls—every day—using WhatsApp
  • YouTube’s response to Periscope and Facebook Live? Add live video to YouTube.
  • First Nexus for this year leaks (not really, just the specs)
  • Evleaks confirms the next Note isn’t the Note 6, but the Note 7
  • Case maker Incipio is buying headphone maker Skullcandy for $177 million

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[Episode 173, 43 minutes and 25 seconds, 31.2 MB]

Episode 173

3 thoughts on “Episode 173

  1. Simon Taylor says:

    What a horrifically London-centric view of Brexit. Gist: ‘London voted against and the rest of England were for it’ . Almost makes me wish I’d voted Leave. An amused Scot.

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