Episode 171


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

  • A new ARM CPU and GPU that’s coming to  phones this year
    • “ARM publishes that the A73 uses at least 20% less power than the A72 at the same process and frequency.”
    • “ARM states that we’ll be seeing SoCs and actual consumer devices with A73 by the end of the year.”
  • ASUS announces three new phones
  • Sony gets a clue, announces its new phones will be sold in the US
  • Xiamoi and Microsoft make a deal; phones to come with Office and Skype, patents sold
  • OnePlus kisses invite system good bye; OP3 launches June 14
  • Nest has a new CEO, Tony is out
  • Samsung announced a new Gear Fit and some truly wireless earbuds
  • More people use Snapchat every day now than Twitter
  • Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 Active, but it’s US only, at least for now
  • Twitter for Android got redesigned, Snapchat for everything got redesigned too
  • Google Motion Stills turns those (useless) Live Photos on your iPhone into smooth GIFs
  • All the news from Lenovo Tech World
  • Apple’s App Store introduces subscriptions. Developers with a relationship longer than one year will see the 70%/30% split change to 85%/15%. Ads also coming to App Store.
    • Google to adopt same 85/15 split for subs, but no clue when
  • Rumor: iMessage for Android to launch at WWDC
  • Amazon will launch a Spotify clone this summer or fall

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[Episode 171, 47 minutes and 41 seconds, 34.3 MB]

Episode 171

2 thoughts on “Episode 171

  1. Question regarding WWDC…
    With the new ability to uninstall Apple apps from the iPhone in iOS 10, the apps will have to be placed in the App Store, correct? So with all of the new features in iOS being app specific (Maps, iMessage, Photos,..), cannot they just update individual apps like Google? Waiting on an OS update seems silly.

    Thanks for answering,

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