Episode 165


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

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[Episode 165, 36 minutes and 27 seconds, 26.3 MB]

Episode 165

4 thoughts on “Episode 165

  1. Trying to set a subject here and trying to lower my own expectations for that HTC event. Do you Remember “MHL” (HDMI over anything, mostly 4 Pin USB Port) or “Slimport” (same for Display-Port). I bought such an Adapter to connect my HTC M7 to the TV, only used it seldomly though. It appears new phones don’t have that functionality no more. Does no one care about that anymore? Should I hope for USB-C Display-Port “alt-mode” on HTCs [M]10, or MHL over USB-C (also possible), or is that just not gonna happen any more?
    Cheers – “a man named Tom” from this episode.

      1. What Stefan means is ‘Hang on, let me ask James. He might know’.

        Both my TV and phone come with MHL built-in. I agree with you that it doesn’t seem to be a big thing anymore. When I looked it up in the instructions, the booklet states ‘If both TV and handset are MHL enabled then a standard MicroUSB to HDMI cable will work’. However, what with the advent of smart TVs and Miracast, hardwiring a phone to a TV seems like a passing trend; everything is wireless these days.

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