Episode 164


On this week’s episode, James and Stefan discussed:

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[Episode 164, 51 minutes and 10 seconds, 36.8 MB]

Episode 164

5 thoughts on “Episode 164

  1. Nintendo say Miitomo will be released outside of Japan by the end of this month.

    As an Australian, I find it very interesting that Elop has joined Telstra. I didnt know until I heard it on the show.

    Windows 10 Maps is way better than the old version on 8.1. Im fairly certain that is is based on the Here Maps app. It definitely uses Here for its map data.

    Also, Im one of the few people who actually bought a Lumia 950 and use it daily. I know you think Im crazy, but I like it.
    Feel free to keep trashing Microsoft on the show though, its very amusing.

  2. kenibarwick says:

    O and a Phone/Tablet operating system that has a window based multitasking environment built in? Wow, if only I could get hold of one of them NOW!

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