Episode 162


Not too much mobile news this week, so instead, James and Stefan discussed:

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[Episode 162, 36 minutes and 57 seconds, 26.6 MB]

Episode 162

6 thoughts on “Episode 162

  1. Bob Bobalot says:

    Interesting idea that Apple intends to take the phones that have been discarded by users in the West and sell them to new customers in India. Is this really true? I’m going to be called an Apple hater (though it would be scary if there were only Apple lovers in this world – a sort of Day of the Triffids scenario), but only a company with Apple’s white-hot zeal for profit could come up with such a neat way of selling their phones twice. I’m not saying that other companies don’t try to maximise profits too. But Apple does it better, or more slickly, than the rest. Frankly, India should feel insulted to be getting the West’s hand-me-downs. It wouldn’t happen if Apple just sold their phones at down-to-earth prices to begin with. And what will this Indian dump-it-on-us phone be called? The ‘iCastoff’, perhaps. Or maybe the ‘Previously Ph-owned iPhone’. Or even the ‘iDon’t-give-a-shit Phone’. So there. Thank you. And now for my next trick… Hysterically yours, Bob.

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Do you have any idea how big the second hand phone market is? People buying used phones is very popular abroad, and yes, it’s frankly amazing Apple has plans on making money off the same phone twice. The hope is, and every company has this hope, that customers will start with a $300 phone, then in a few years buy a $500, and then even later down the line, they buy the super duper high end $800 phone.

  2. mrlacey says:

    Just a little clarification on the availability of the HoloLens dev kit. It’s not the case that come March 30th developers will be able to buy a HoloLens dev kit. Developers in the USA and Canada can apply for a kit now. As part of the application they must prove experience building 3D apps or games and describe what they want to build with it. From those applications, some will be selected as part of the “first wave” who will be able to buy the dev kits–A maximum of two and for $3000 each. However even those developers who are accepted may have to wait a lot longer before they are able to buy a dev kit. Only the first few will be able to buy on March 30th, others may have to wait up to several more months.
    All this makes me think the HoloLens is a very long way off from a public release.

  3. rodak69 says:

    About that Sony TV guarantee service thing. That sounds very “sony” to me. I happen to work in the mobile phone accessories / service shop and I’ve heard a few stories from customers when they came to me with latest at that time Z3s and they were all like, ‘you know, funny thing happened; my Z/Z1/Z2 broke, I sent it to Sony and what I got back was this – a brand new Z3, how cool is that?!’
    So yeah, it looks like they do that with all kind of stuff. Wish that Vodafone customer service was that kind, huh?
    Anyway, this is my first time commenting here guys and I wanted to tell you that I’m a long time listener, in fact… From the first episode! I love your show, keep up the good work, guys! Cheers!

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Thanks. And Samsung did a very similar thing for me AGES ago. Had a TV that died like two months after the one year warranty expired. I called them, explained the situation, and like the next day there was a truck in front of my house with a brand new TV.

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