Episode 160


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

House Keeping: Next week is Mobile World Congress! Due to the inevitable abundance of news, plus a business trip that will keep James busy, next week’s episode will not go out on Sunday, but instead be released on Wednesday (at least that’s the plan).

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[Episode 160, 46 minutes and 07 seconds, 31.7 MB]

Episode 160

10 thoughts on “Episode 160

  1. Cracking episode. Three points 🙂

    1) I *love* Opera for Android. It’s the only mobile browser which does text wrapping properly, so you don’t need to scroll left or right when zoomed in. Really worth giving a go – I prefer it to Chrome or Firefox.

    2) Damn right that colonialism tweet was disgusting. Really shows what certain people think about how the world should be structured.

    3) Beacons! I’ve been playing around with iBeacon business cards https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2015/10/ibeacon-business-cards/ – It’s not surprising that Chrome is adding this to the browser – although I should point out that Opera for Android has had support for quite some time. Still lots of work to make these ubiquitous though.

  2. Bob Bobalot says:

    The Snapchat article was boring. I’m a 55-year-old man and I’m not interested in what teenagers do. If I were, some people might suspect I needed to be arrested. Nor are teenagers are interested in what I do. If any were, I think I would call the police. I’ll stick with Facebook thanks.

  3. Great podcast! Maybe a bit more on the error 53…detected a bit of CBA there (Can’t be arsed!). I defend the right to have it repaired other than by Apple (as per EU competition laws). Maybe via registered repairers but should be there all the same! Keep it up…And Snapchat..meh! I’m doomed…

  4. Ned Sarm says:

    Hi guys,
    Any thoughts about how mobile gadgets influence apparel?
    I was shopping for a winter jacket recently and had to forego a few that I liked because the pockets weren’t big enough for my phone or they didn’t have zippers.
    This is even more daunting when buying stuff online.

    Also about SwiftKey:
    While it often crashes on iOS I would say it’s the best keyboard I have tried due to one feature. The ability to type in more than one language, which I do daily, without having to manually switch languages is why I have stuck with SwiftKey despite the bugs.

    I also have SwiftKey on my Nexus 6P and I find it has these annoying red lines under words that aren’t in English even though the predictive engine is providing words in the other language that I am typing.

    BTW there is a 3rd party keyboard on iOS called Slash which is quite unique but I don’t use it because of the lack of multilanguage simultaneous input.

    The LG G5 is…intriguing. Not sure I would buy one but it is nice to see one of the mainstream players try something different, perhaps even innovative.

  5. rcadden says:

    Thanks for the link on the Snapchat article. I’d seen it flash by in my feeds, but couldn’t be hassled.

    Snapchat is one of many “newfangled” parts of the Internet that I just don’t get – along with Tumblr and Reddit. But you’re right – even if you don’t use it, it’s important to understand it, and to understand how and why its users are there. Maybe because I’m in Marketing, but still.

    Good episode as always

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