Episode 151


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan answer questions from their listeners, because honestly, nothing happened in the mobile industry between last week and this recording.

Show Notes:

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[Episode 151, 43 minutes and 20 seconds, 31.2 MB]

Episode 151

2 thoughts on “Episode 151

  1. Paul Stevenson says:

    Gents. Love the show. Keep up the snark and piss taking.

    Stefan – now you’ve had your iPhone 6S for a while, do you miss having a larger screened phone such as your 6+?

    James – is your 5.2″ Z5 the current sweet spot?

    I’ve had large screened phones (Note 4, 6P etc) and smaller (Nokia N78, Motorola RAZRi – loved them!), but nothing beats being able to sit down with your phone in your front pocket and not impale yourself with it. My Nexus 5X is currently doing the job very well indeed then hides up when not needed.

    I sometimes feel like I’m missing something by not having a larger screen, but I think we’re being made to feel like big phone = better experience by those that want us to purchase content to use on our large screen phones. Do you agree, or is it simply a case of bigger is truly better?

  2. For future reference “WhatleyDude” if you are staying in a hotel room which has a newer TV you can use the USB sockets in the TV to charge your electrical devices so even if you don’t have the correct adapter you can always charge something. #TravelHack

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