Episode 150


In this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan do things a little bit differently. To celebrate the 150th episode, they spend the first half of the nearly one hour program talking about how they got into the mobile industry in the first place, and what the past 10 years has been like. Once the sentimental feelings subside, however, they jump straight into the news:

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[Episode 150, 50 minutes and 48 seconds, 36.6 MB]

Episode 150

8 thoughts on “Episode 150

  1. I agree, Stefan IS a git. Luckily for the people he will be working with in the surgery, they will be under anesthetic. 😉

    Question – why is the Google app-streaming beta a good thing? That is, how is it different than getting a service via a browser now? Does it log in for you with your Google account?

    Great show. Glad to hear you love me. 💘

    1. That’s a great shout. At one point we were getting something over 1m visitors a month. Crazy. It completely slipped my mind because Dabr was only ever really a side project, a hobby even.

      Glad you liked it though! I too was a big fan 🙂

  2. rcadden says:

    My notes:

    1. Pandora + Rdio = Pandora’s on the offensive. They just won a big case (http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/21/us-pandora-copyright-idUSKCN0RL1QQ20150921) and have had their lunch eaten by the likes of iHeart Radio (HUGE in the U.S.) and Spotify. Pandora has the industry connections – many cars have support built-in, they’re first on most platforms, etc. But they need to have a better overall option. Rdio (arr-dio not radio) should give them that (if they use it wisely). I also read somewhere that Rdio owed Roku like, $3m or something ridiculous.

    2. James’ birthday DJ solution – I remember doing something similar in college (~2004/5) with Winamp and ControlFreak running on my Ngage QD. I could slide my laptop under the couch, connected to a pair of speakers, and then from anywhere in the apartment I could load up tracks from my personal library. ‘Course, James’ solution is cleaner, but interesting that the capabilities haven’t really changed much in ~10 years.

    3. *I* care about the Google+ changes. As an avid user, they kinda suck. I like the focus on Communities (easily the best/only really useful feature of G+) but the new layout doesn’t make using them any easier. Annoying.

    4. Working for a mobile app developer, this app streaming *seems* like a bad thing. The metrics that we look at from an app perspective include downloads and engagement within the app. How do we get more people using the app and using it more often. This seems to negate that completely. However, it could just require a change in metrics. I think, also, we’re different given we’re a service-oriented app, instead of shopping, so users have a reason to keep our app installed and use it often.

    5. I do need medical assistance, but I’ve been listening since Day 1, and you guys have done a great job (minus that monthly crap you tried…)

    Having come from a similar background, I’m also astounded at the amount of things that I used to could get done. Back in the heydey of Symbian-Guru, we published 7-9 posts EVERY DAY (weekends included), I had a weekly video podcast, and I built/maintained the site personally. Granted, I had two additional (primary) writers, but still. I wish I could be that productive today on a regular basis. I get spurts every now and again, but not as a daily routine. Damn social media.

  3. Ben George says:

    Hi Stefan and James

    Just thought I’d leave a quick comment saying that I quite enjoy your podcast. I don’t work in the tech or mobile industry, however when I was younger I was into computers, gaming etc and it probably wouldn’t have taken much at that point for me to end up working the technology sector and still to keep up to date.

    Stefan: Happy Thanksgiving, if that is what you say over there. We get all the marketing crap behind Black Friday to try and persuade you that the TV you didn’t need yesterday is now an essential purchase, however none of the enjoyment of eating and drinking with family. I enjoy your overtly cynical approach to a lot of what is going on. It contrasts so well with Bob O’Donnell of Techponions (another interesting podcast and website) who always comes across so excited about the latest gimmick from HP, Lenovo, Dell etc and firmly believes that 1) people actually buy PCs and 2) they do so to get the latest version on Windows like we’re all stuck in 1999!

    James: Somewhat unrelated, I bought as a Christmas gift for a friend your book recommendation from a few weeks back, Super Sad True Love Story. I am tempted to buy a copy for myself and would tentatively recommend the author Michael Marshall Smith who writes/wrote a few books set in distopian futures (including Spares, which was turned into a film called The Island with Ewan McGregor).

    Keep up the good podcasting work!


  4. Karl says:

    Great 150th podcast James and Stefan.
    It was very interesting to hear you background historys.
    Always look forward to your banter. Here’s to the next 150 podcasts men, keep up the excellent word.

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