Episode 144


On this week’s episode of, James gets a new phone. He and Stefan also discuss:

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[Episode 144, 42 minutes and 52 seconds, 30.9 MB]

Episode 144

3 thoughts on “Episode 144

  1. rcadden says:

    James – I’m curious – since Vodafone “released” you, why didn’t you just go to another carrier at that point? You’d have still gotten a new phone, etc, but wouldn’t have to deal with their crap in the future.

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      I’m assuming he’s staying because he’s literally been with them since he was 16 years old.

      Edit: I was on T-Mobile since I was in High School, but two years ago I had enough of their shit service and switched to AT&T. No regrets.

      1. rcadden says:

        Right, but in the first “part” of this situation, he was so incensed that he was ready to throw it all away. And they didn’t really address the immediate concern (customer care was lacking, misinformation and outright lies, inability to properly repair a phone that should never have needed repair in the first place). All of those things will still be present in the “today Vodafone”, should something happen to the Z5.

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