Episode 143


Another long episode this week, but with two new Nexus phones to discuss, were you honestly expecting a short show? In addition to the 5X and 6P, James and Stefan also talk about:

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[Episode 143, 48 minutes and 03 seconds, 34.5 MB]

Episode 143

12 thoughts on “Episode 143

  1. Love the show, guys, as usual. Been listening since day one, and am really glad that you’ve been able to keep it up for so long.

    I’m going to pose a question that I typically don’t ask for a number of reasons, but because I’m still stuck in Symbian land (laugh all you want…808 still alive and kicking) and have no real-world experience with Android, I need to ask it:

    What device would you suggest?

    I need to help my grandmother (70 years young) pick out a new phone. She’s not feeble by any stretch and should be able to handle anything I throw at her, but the requirements for this new phone are as follows (I assume; she hasn’t gotten back to me on the specifics yet):

    Cost: She’ll be buying unlocked, so nothing too expensive, maybe in the $100 – $200 USD range?

    UI/Experience: I know a lot of manufacturers are gumming up the look and ‘flow’ of Android with their own deplorable skins and UI layers…is there one that boasts simplicity and clarity more than others? Her previous device was a dated Samsung IIRC.

    Gmail/Calendar Support and Whatsapp: Obvs.

    Camera: Enjoys group photos and picturesque landscapes as much as the next grandmother (Facebook fodder).

    Display? Resolution is so much more crisp and detailed these days, I want to make sure she has something that looks nice in the hand, display-wise.

    Durability: Nothing too fragile, even though she’ll probably just wrap it up in a case like everybody else does (I despise this practise).

    That’s about it…Nexus devices seem like the logical I guess as far as UI is concerned, but I think people have reported (yourselves included) that the imaging is garbage. And of course it wouldn’t be anything flagship from the past year because of price…

    Suggestions, mates? The only other option I have is to point her in the direction of an affordable Windows device, which might work, but no native Gmail + Calendar might kill that dead in the water. Thank you so much!

    B Harris

    1. rcadden says:

      I’ll butt in here – you should be able to find a 32GB Nexus 5 for under $200 easily these days. It was just updated to Marshmallow, and still has decent specs. It’s one of the few phones in my life that I’ve bought twice, it was that good of a phone.

      Bonus: it supports wireless charging, so your grandma’s older hands don’t have to fiddle with microUSB – just get her a couple of $20 charging pads and call it a day.

    2. Marius says:

      Totally agree on the nexus 5. Thou from that I hear after the switch to lolipop a lot of users are reporting poor battery life, we’ll have to wait and see about marshmallow.
      I’d also suggest taking a look at the 2015 moto G (16gb). It’s 20$ over budget but looks to fit very well.
      Durable, can handle some water too.
      Camera is definitely OK for facebook.
      Battery life is really good, specially the stand by time, so if she forgets to charge it over night it should be OK.
      UI is close to stock android so it’s not that difficult to handle and motorola is fast on their updates.
      P.S. the snapdragon 410 in the moto G might look dated, which it is, but for a light user it runs good and doesn’t drain much power.

  2. kenibarwick says:

    Hey guys,

    when you say Google Services on Windows Mobile, what services do you mean exactly?

    I’d like to try feel your pain.

    1. rcadden says:

      I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I’ve been using with Windows Insider builds, too.

      Also, Google Calendar, Gmail, Drive, etc. Yes, you can just use Chrome, but Chrome is HORRIBLE on Windows 10, and even moreso on an 8-inch tablet. There are solutions in the Windows Store for this, but I’m not going to pay for an app to access something as trivial as email/calendar, especially for personal use.

  3. Marius says:

    As a person who tends to be clumsy with there phones (2 broken screens within 12 months) I can say that LG V10 will definitely be my next smatphone. Nice specs, decent looks, and from what I can see a lot more durable than the competition ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02bwjypBwj4 ). Since I always use Nova laucher ugly UI is not that big of a problem.
    P.S. Hate using cases, and a part from S6 active, witch is ugly, I can’t find a rugget phone with proper specs, specially the camera.

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