Episode 142

950xl specs

Stefan and James went long this week, partly because Stefan couldn’t stop gushing about his new iPhone, and partly because James can’t get anyone to fix his phone.

The two also discussed:

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[Episode 142, 47 minutesĀ and 17 seconds, 34.1 MB]

Episode 142

9 thoughts on “Episode 142

  1. Jim Edwards says:

    Guys enjoying the longer podcasts. But specifically James, if you’ve not already used your clout to sort Vodafone out, I implore you, do so.

    I understand your reticence to employ your following for purely your own gain, but hell crappy service should be held to account! Too many companies fob off the consumer with crap like you experienced – if you have the ability to take them to task even just for you, do it!

    1. I see your point, Jim. I do. But why should I get special service? Why shouldn’t I just get ‘normal’ *good* service? As it stands, said phone is currently in for repair and, pending any further mess ups, I should have it back by the end of the week. I explained to the THIRD person that I spoke to that it would’ve been much more efficient to just fix the issue there and then (as the two previous customer care people had promised) but it didn’t seem to go in.

      Instead, come contract renewal time in the New Year, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. That’s the next 20years of my custom, gone.

      Tired of it now; the customer service used to be AMAZING. They even sent me a card once, many years ago, saying how much of a valued customer I was and that I would only every receive ‘the best care’.

      These days it’s awful; I’m hugely disappointed and ultimately just plain disillusioned with them. So what’s the point in kicking off when a) my phone is now off for its second repair (due back this weekend) and b) all that’ll happen is that I’ll get some form of an apology while I just wait for the next disappointment to arrive?


      I’m just done with them really.

    2. I caved. The ‘repair’ arrived back with the exact same issue. The repair centre *performed a software update* and said it was fixed. Opened the box in store, lo and behold the issue still exists. Le sigh. Update in the next episode…

  2. Hey guys, so glad you are back every week, just to hear your silly voices James and the non plus attitude from Stefan…

    So I’ve been meaning to ask you both, when you say Google Services on Windows Mobile, what services do you mean exactly?

    I’d like to try feel your pain…


    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      And you people wonder I don’t read the comments.

      (only reason I read this was because it landed in my inbox)

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