Episode 141


In this week’s episode of The Voicemail, Stefan reveals which iPhone he’s preordered, James explains the finer points of a Sunday Roast, and the two also discuss:

  • LG’s upcoming event (October 1st)
  • Microsoft’s upcoming event (October 6th)
  • Google’s upcoming event (September 29th)
  • Amazon’s new TV hardware and $50 tablet
  • Sony’s 4K phone that’s actually rendering (almost) everything at 1080p
  • BlackBerry’s upcoming Android phone (four minute video)
  • And a few notes about Android One, Sony’s VR project, and Fire Phone jokes
  • One more thing: Technical issues were had, so apologies for any audio glitches. This is also the first episode uploaded at 96 kbps versus 128 kbps. Let James and Stefan know if you can even tell the difference.

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[Episode 141, 30 minutes and 18 seconds, 21.8 MB]

Episode 141

3 thoughts on “Episode 141

  1. Ned Sarm says:

    Hi guys,
    Got my iPhone 6s Plus yesterday and it’s really good. The touch ID much faster, almost too fast. I normally press the home button on the 6 Plus to check the time but now with same amount of pressure on the 6s Plus it unlocks the phone. Best thing is the additional RAM. The Feedly app which constantly refreshed has been more stable so far. 3D touch for it to work you have to put pressure on the target immediately. So that takes some getting used to. I don’t know if it’s the new screen elements or software limiting the maximum brightness to maintain battery life at the same level as the previous generation, but the screen of the 6s Plus especially on white backgrounds like in settings or this Web page is more muted on maximum brightness than that of the 6 Plus. Of course I only noticed it because I put the both of them side by side. The camera is OK. I changed the video to 4K. So the best feature so far for me is the additional RAM. I’m typing this in safari and been in and out of the app opening other apps and it has not reloaded. Have you guys noticed that no one really talks about call quality in reviews anymore. I watched the Verge’s video review and I don’t thing it was mentioned once. I don’t really do voice calls anymore put it is interesting how the actual phone voice features have faded into the background. I haven’t heard anyone I know in recent times say that bought a phone because it has good call quality. Maybe these devices shouldn’t be called phones anymore.

      1. Ned Sarm says:

        I forgot to add that the back to app button does not appear in landscape mode in iOS 9. Also the 3D Touch multitasking doesn’t work in landscape. The Live Photos is really great. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to easily view the Live Photos frame by frame and get the section that you want. I had to do a screen shot a la snapchat. I think that Live Photos may be a hit considering that it can be sent to any iOS 9 device thru iMessage. I sent it to my iPad 3 and it was able to view it. I remember Zoe feature on my HTC One M7. It was cool but I never really used it.

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