Episode 140


On this special edition episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan run through Apple’s September 9th event play-by-play. That means the latest news on Apple Watch, the iPad Pro, the Apple TV, and of course, the new iPhones.

If you want to watch the event yourself, visit Apple’s website.

If you would rather read, check out The Verge’s liveblog.

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[Episode 140, 50 minutes and 23 seconds, 48.4 MB]

Episode 140

6 thoughts on “Episode 140

  1. Ned Sarm says:

    Greetings Gents,
    With the announcement of the iPad Pro – which I find mildly interesting – and the supposed processing power behind it, does a tool/app that is just for the Pro that can manage/back up an iPhone seem likely in future releases of this product? I’d really like to see that happen.
    Also have you guys watched ‘Mr. Robot’?

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