Episode 132


On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss Microsoft writing off Nokia and firing nearly 8,000 people, general thoughts on Apple Music (spoiler: not good and it’s ultra complicated), Samsung possibly launching the Galaxy Note 5 early, the next version of Google Glass, and they also answer a few listener questions.

Show Notes:

[Episode 132, 41 minutes and 03 seconds, 39.4 MB]

Episode 132

One thought on “Episode 132

  1. As usual, love the dialog and the show fellas. Sorry I missed submitting questions. Perhaps my questions can come from comments as I wrote notes as I listened to this show.

    Apple Music: haven’t tried it either, but also don’t really care to. What’s probably most interesting is that Apple Music, probably like Watch and a few other recent products, feels like there were a lot of “ok, let’s do it,” and not a lot of “no, we don’t do it until its polished, unique, and Apple.” Like the OS updates lately, this feels like the wrong kind of cadence for Apple. Will you be speaking on the “broken-ness” of Apple’s software in a future show?

    Watching a reshowing of Wimbledon while listening to the show. Back in the day, I had the IBM Wimbledon app on my Palm IIIxe. Simple, yet addictive game. However, the tech behind tennis matches is something that seems to be slept on in our mobile/connected space conversations. Do you guys pay attention to the tech happening in an around sports (the 3sec instant replay in tennis is pretty neat, sports medicine w/sleep and tiredness tracking, etc.)? Its the kind of subject that makes the activity tracker side of wearables more interesting IMO.

    Samsung is really grasping at straws. Feels like they are flailing more than other companies have when faced with financial/social doom. The Note was a flash success perhaps (at least according to the number of folks who moved to Apple’s 6-devices). Is there a Samsung Mobile to be cared about in 3 years time? Shouldn’t they have done the S6 Edge and S6 Active as the only S6 models (and not the thousand of them they have been pushing)? Shouldn’t the next Note be more like the Edge, yet keep the stylus-centered aspect?

    Jolla: splitting the company doesn’t make sense to me either. Feels like the Palm/PalmSource split of a decade ago. So, I’ll go to the other part of that announcement, where my Jolla Tablet is delayed getting to me a bit more. 2nd delay on my tablet. I’ve got and like the Apple iPad Mini – so I’m not jumping up and down, but there is something disturbing about this. Forgetting for the moment its an iOS/Android world, but can a crowd-sourced, 3rd party OS actually make it unless there’s political, enterprise, and/or major consumer pressure? Jolla could get a boost from Russia and others who want a non-USA OS. Is there really another option out there? Does it matter? Is there some other platform out there we aren’t paying attention to 😉

    Google Glass 2.0: heck to the no. Look, I wear glasses all of the time. Have been since I was pretty young. The are a visual aid literally a walker for your eyes. There’s nothing about Google/Facebook/Apple or anyone else doing this for consumers that makes sense. Now, Google making connected contact lenses, this could make sense. But not for consumer reasons. Verticals and entertainment – totally.

    Microsoft sees the world as cloud-first, then mobile-first. Makes sense and in that semantic arrangement, it makes sense why they shouldn’t have purchased Nokia, why the purchase made no sense, and why Ballmer should have personally paid for it. Windows Pho…er Mobile is to Microsoft as Nexus is to Google: yup. Now, if MS took three Surface tablets before getting one that made folks take notice, will the mobile marketplace give them that many versions to doing that for mobiles? And if they don’t make that semi-transparent one that’s been in concept videos from them for the past half-decade will it matter?

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