Episode 131

On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss Apple Pay (allegedly) coming to the UK on July 14th, Amazon Prime Now launching in London, the death of European roaming fees, BlackBerry’s upcoming Android phone (pictured above), Samsung and Oppo stealing your cellular data, the next YotaPhone, and they also answer quite a few listener questions.

Show Notes:

[Episode 131, 35 minutes and 49 seconds, 34.4 MB]

Episode 131

5 thoughts on “Episode 131

  1. Enjoyed the show as usual guys. I think I like the comments more than the news. Which is good, the rest of news out there kinda sucks. Keep up the great work – and what happened to our screen-whore.. he is so different now (not a bad thing). A few comments:

    – re: payments/Apple Pay – makes no sense that the USA isn’t going to Chip and Pin (we are doing Chip and Signature). And it depends on the bank/card issuer for transaction limits. Apple would need to do more than those kinds of payments. Would be better if they pull off P2P payments alongside this (that’s in the latest rumors about Apple Pay), as those kinds of transactions poke

    – re: SailfishOS on Yota Phone – makes a lot of sense. Remember the news points where Russia was feeling unsettled that Android was so big/iOS so affluent and there’s a bunch of three-letter-gov-orgs spying through them? Jolla’s SailfishOS means they (Russia, then Yota) could foster an environment where regional software could stand without oversight from Silicon Valley or Washington DC. I’ve seen nothing other than that single Yahoo article about this deal, so I’m not sure if its legit – or in negotiations and someone jumped to the press too soon.

    – re: “(mobile) phones aren’t important anymore” – I totally agree. The fact that I make less than 2 calls per week at less than 10min a pop from the phone on my wrist (Samsung Gear S), makes me believe this too. At the same time – there is a place for voice that isn’t being pushed as hard, and MS is pushing on the enterprise/service side with Lync to be the part of the voice-as-feature side of things which makes sense. MS as a phone company never really made sense – at least not in their execution.

    – re: answering my “what disrupts Android” question: thanks for the answer (distribution, wearables, battery tech, “one Microsoft”). I like the last one. Interesting that neither of you said something coming from the automotive folks (especially Ford), payments (Visa, Bitcoin), or building on the blockchain. Perhaps I’m thinking too hard on this day… amazing what a day off grants.

    Once again guys, always enjoy… even if I am listening to you both via my implant 😉

  2. I desperately want a hardware keyboard again. I constantly mistype when I switch languages. I need the feedback.

    Oh, and Stefan forgot to mention the biggest idiocy of mobile billing in the US: you (used to have to) pay for incoming calls.

  3. Hi guys. Great podcast as always (btw, I’m really chuffed that you’re back on a weekly schedule!).
    I see that ARJWRIGHT has already touched on this, but yeah, in May the Russian goverent announced a plan to reduce their dependency on foreign tech like Android & iOS. They signed a deal with Jolla to make Sailfish OS they’re preferred choice. (source: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/russia-plans-to-leave-apple-android-behind-by-119298514249.html)
    I guess the YotaPhone 3 and the recent announcement of Jolla selling off its HW business are the first results of the deal.
    Whether this ends up hurting or improving Yota & Jolla’s chances of success remains to be seen, although my money’s on the former.

  4. Great episode once again, thank you for it.

    I have a question for Stefan. When the iPhone 6 Plus came out, the majority of apps just scaled up for the larger screen. Have most of the developers updated their apps yet? Do you still notice some apps being blown up?

    Broader question… In the past iOS developers were much quicker to respond to changes in the operating system compared to Android developers. Is this still the case? I feel that material design has been adopted quite broadly.

    Jan Strasky

  5. Hiya, and thanks for the continuing weekly mobile insights…

    Question for James: I’ll shortly be passing through Heathrow and Gatwick airports and will need a pair of SIMs as soon as I land at LHR Terminal 5. What would you recommend?

    I’ve heard that those Vendpoint vending machines are a rip-off. Any expert advice for me might also prove instructive for other travellers transiting through the UK.

    Cheers from Canada… #n97minitour 4EVAR!!!

    Andrew Currie

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