Episode 130

On this week’s episode, James and Stefan talk about brands making Android Wear watch faces, iOS 9’s nifty app delete feature, Google’s medical watch, Google Play Music launching a free tier, the Amazon Echo coming out next month, Gmail Undo Send, Office for Android becoming official, and the two also answer a few questions off Twitter.

Show Notes:

[Episode 130, 34 minutes and 31 seconds, 33.1 MB]

Episode 130

One thought on “Episode 130

  1. rcadden says:

    Thanks for addressing my question – however, I should have worded it better. I was actually asking about Windows Phone – is there a scenario in which Microsoft’s ecosystem becomes such that they build a compelling case for owning a Windows Phone device? Ironically, a story came out that apparently one was considered: http://www.windowscentral.com/former-xbox-head-thinks-microsoft-should-have-released-xphone

    Also, re Kindle: DO IT!

    Taylor – the more I watched it unfold, the more creedence I lend to the conspiracy theorists. I’ve worked with Apple as a vendor, gotten a “peek behind the curtain” so to speak. NOTHING happens by chance with them. The fact that the decision was changed so quickly, along with the fact that shortly thereafter, a bunch of indie labels signed on, and then Taylor got to make a big announcement that her albums (including the new one) would be on there? Too easy.

    Also, the “ad-free radio” for Google Play Music is essentially Songza fully integrated. If you haven’t checked it out, highly recommended. The playlist discovery process is REALLY quite nice, and I’ve found them to be pretty good playlists, as well.

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