Episode 129

On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan talk about Facebook Moments and why it’s not coming to Europe, Ouya being acquired, the latest in iPad Pro rumors, Sony’s Xperia Z4v, Google’s bug bounty program coming to Android, CloudPlayer for Android (and Vox Loop for iOS), Amazon’s new Kindle, Stephen Elop getting fired (and Nokia getting back into phones), virtual reality, and Taylor Swift.

[Episode 129, 38 minutes and 17 seconds, 36.8 MB]

Episode 129

3 thoughts on “Episode 129

  1. rcadden says:

    1- I bought a Kindle Paperwhite with my Christmas money this year and it was a great expense. For starters, it’s great for reading in bed, when you shouldn’t be staring at an LCD/OLED screen anyways. It’s also kinda nice to have such a small device with amazing battery life, and no distractions.

    2- Windows Phone. It’s easy to hate on (lord knows I’ve done my share) but I’m *really* interested to see the moves the rest of Windows has done around it lately. My question for you guys (and please be serious for at least 3-5 minutes while answering) is: With the ecosystem that Microsoft is building around Windows 10 – universal code for laptops/desktops/tablets (and even phones, mostly), Xbox One (for gaming, but also as a ‘hub’ for your home, more or less), Hololens, etc. – is there any scenario in which you think Microsoft could pull it all together in such a compelling way that it would make sense to own one?

    I keep thinking about Xbox One, in particular. Microsoft has sold somewhere in the ballpark of 20 million consoles since launch, and they have at least that many Xbox 360’s still out there. Given the rise of mobile gaming, and the clout that Microsoft has with the “big” game studios, doesn’t it seem like a HUGE missed opportunity to make that tie? With game streaming, could that be an opportunity?

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