Episode 128

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Now that WWDC and Google I/O have passed, the news cycle has run dry, so this week, James and Stefan discussed: drone racing, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Nokia’s smartwatch that never saw the light of day, iPhone rumors, and Philae.

[Episode 128, 34 minutes and 38 seconds, 33.3 MB]

Episode 128

3 thoughts on “Episode 128

  1. I absolutely use Google Play for music and videos. Not every album I own was purchased via iTunes and iTunes Match was a disaster for me. I own an Android phone and Google Play Music All Access lets me stream, buy and use all my own music. Before Google Launched All Access, I was using a media player for all my music and Spotify to stream and it was a royal pain to use two apps. Google Play Music puts all that in one place, with a better UI and access anywhere. For me, its by far the best music service available.

    As far as video, for years I refused to buy movies/TV shows online because I didn’t want to end up buying things twice and I didn’t want to be trapped into hardware. I have an Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, Android, iOS and Windows. Using iTunes would only work on my iOS devices and computer. Amazon would work on everything except Android. Google Play works on the TV via Chromecast, it works on Roku, Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox….etc. I can watch my Google Play movies and TV on any screen I own, regardless of the platform it runs. For me there is no other choice that makes sense.

  2. Thatcreepyguystandingoutsideyourwindow says:

    I am much more likely to Pirate my content, being able to torrent and watch directly from my note 4 and any android phone I’ve had before it is frankly awesome! Can’t do that on my 6 plus… Hell I can even torrent on my old 1020…as for Google music /movies… Once in awhile I use it when they have something good for free… Like the first episode of better call saul

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