Episode 126

On this week’s episode, James and Stefan discuss Samsung’s Iron Man phone, Sony’s new flagship, Google I/O, and a few applications. Please note that next week’s show will be delayed by one day due to the timing of Apple’s developer conference.

Show Notes:

[Episode 126, 45 minutes and 53 seconds, 44.1 MB]

Episode 126

6 thoughts on “Episode 126

  1. Jake says:

    Great episode guys.

    UK-centric q here: is there a difference between mobile networks any more in terms of value/perks/4G coverage? Should I still aim for a 12 month contract or is the reality that only 24 is possible?

  2. Just posting to totally disagree with you! 😉

    I think lock-in with ecosystem and photos especially is a big deal. I’m considering going back to a windows PC (Surface or Yoga most likely) after 10 years on macs… and the fact that all my photos won’t automagically sync as reliably (and other apps) is a big deal. As is being forced out of Aperture etc.

    More of my musings on this here, if anyone cares: http://iainwallace.co.uk/2015/04/02/a-post-laptop-laptop/

  3. rcadden says:

    Yes, that Iron Man phone is fugly, but also yes, the fact that they skinned the wireless charging pad to match is pretty clutch.

    I find all the praise about the new Google Photos app kinda funny – it’s new, sure, but it’s not THAT different from what Google+ Photos already did (as evidenced by The Verge’s slipup, lol).

    I really liked last week when you did the “what’s new on your phone” segment – to augment the news, it might be good to have that as a standard feature.

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      The thing is, I almost never install new apps or try new services, so it would be a very infrequent segment. 😛

  4. Thanks for the info chaps. Am currently using an Iphone 5 and honestly really missing Android. Considering just waiting a bit and buy the best top end Android handset SIM free now. OnePlus1 was an option, but have heard bad things considering latest update and battery life.

    Keep it up fellas, hopefully catch up soon in person if possible.

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