Episode 117

On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss: The bendy iPhone, the no reception iPhone, the 10 million iPhones that were sold in just 72 hours, Samsung’s mobile division performing poorly, Microsoft’s Apple TV and Chromecast competitor, Talko, Ello, Sony, and choo choo trains.

As usual, feedback is appreciated, whether it be a comment below or an @ reply on Twitter. The best kind of feedback, however, is an iTunes review. That helps bump up the show’s ranking on iTunes.

Show Notes:

[Episode 117, 26 minutes, 27 seconds, 24.2 MB]

Episode 117

3 thoughts on “Episode 117

  1. TechXpats Podcast says:

    James, as per the tweets earlier (@SR_Penny), any chance you could ping us an Ello invite if/when they’re back up, please?


      1. TechXpats Podcast says:

        Cheers fella, appreciated. Will give ya a mention on our podcast tomorrow (www.techxpatspodcast.com).

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