Episode 114

On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss everything IFA. That means Samsung’s new Note 4, the Galaxy Edge (aka the Note 4 that was left in the oven for too long), the Gear Underwear VR, Sony’s Z3 family, Sony’s new lenses, Sony’s new wearables, cheap Windows tablets, and predictions for what we’ll see from Motorola and Huawei.

Note that by this time next week, the Apple iPhone 6 will be announced. For some odd reason, that little fact seemed to escape both James and Stefan, who apparently forgot how to use a calendar.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Whether it a comment below or an @ reply on Twitter, anything works, but it’s the iTunes reviews that are most preferable.

Show Notes:

[Episode 114, 38 minutes, 49 seconds, 35.6 MB]

Episode 114

4 thoughts on “Episode 114

  1. edent says:

    Jimmy – I’m calling you out! You can’t say you like the Raggy Dolls and then dump on the Galaxy Edge because you think it looks different. That, basically, makes you Hitler!

    In all seriousness – *why* don’t you like it. You never explained that. Personally, I really want a hands-on. It’s something no other phone has tried before, it’s a technological innovation, and – I think – could be really useful.

    I think you’ve both got too cynical. In a world of flat rectangles, I’m looking forward to trying something new.

    Also, Pinyin is the way to write Chinese pictograms using English letters.
    For example, if you want to write 再见 you’d type zàijiàn.

    1. Thanks for the info re PinYin, Terence – every day’s a school day! 😀

      Y’know what, if Samsung had released a whole bunch of tests, thinking, and general PROOF as to why exactly this phone is AN AMAZING INNOVATION, then I’d probably be happier to accept it at face value.

      But I don’t think that’s going to happen. It looks like a reject, yes, however it could indeed turn out to be SuperTed (only time will tell) and I’d be well up for that happening. Without any cast iron research and thinking behind it though, it’s just a silly redesign.

  2. Elmar says:

    Again a great episode guys. Love the way you cover the tech world and I really appreciate the quality of TabDump as well.

    I wonder what your dream phone would look like. Is it an improved iPhone or something totally different? I know the Edge looks funny, but at least they are trying? Does Apple need to do something drastically different to set a new standard in the world of mobile phones? (A lot of questions, but trying to figure out what your ideal phone would be).

    Thanks, Elmar

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