Episode 112

This week on The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss: The HTC One M8 for Windows, Sharp’s gorgeous new sci-fi phone, an upset mother writing her own Android app to make her son return her calls, Photo Sphere coming to iOS, Uber Corner Store, YouTube Music Key, Moto 360 pricing, and their favorite apps.

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Show Notes:

[Episode 112, 36 minutes, 36 seconds, 33.5 MB]

Episode 112

2 thoughts on “Episode 112

  1. My experience of the Pebble Steel is at odds with James’s assertion in this week’s podcast. People often ask me what make the stunning looking watch on my wrist is. The don’t know it’s a Pebble, but they see it looks classy and stylish. I doubt you’d get that from an original Pebble.

    1. That’s fair enough, chap. Taste is subjective, after all (and that’s not saying you have bad taste – I’m just saying we have different tastes). For the record: I like the Steel, I just wish it didn’t have the word ‘PEBBLE’ written on it.

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