Episode 111

On this week’s episode of The Voicemail, which is dedicated to Julien, James and Stefan discuss: Nokia offering Windows Phones to those losing their jobs, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha, the new USB connector we’ll soon start seeing, HTC pulling a Sega, Siri, and what the world will be talking about in 2015.

As always, feedback is appreciated, whether it be in a comment below or via Twitter. Also, iTunes is a horrible piece of software, but that shouldn’t stop you from opening it up and giving the show a (hopefully pleasant) rating. It helps a lot more than you know.

Show Notes:

[Episode 111, 36 minutes, 14 seconds, 33.2 MB]

Episode 111

One thought on “Episode 111

  1. James – quite disappointed that you didn’t give Google Play Music All Access a go at all. I’ve been using it for a while now, and there are two features that I would think you’d be in love with:

    1. Chromecast support – for whatever stupid reason, Spotify seems content to refuse to support Chromecast, nearly a year (over a year?) after Chromecast launched. Pretty much every other music service supports it, and I’m beginning to suspect a specific reason that Spotify wants to give its users the shaft. Regardless, with your love of the Chromecast, I’d think that’d be a big one.

    2. Offline radio stations – GPMAA seems to be the only service that supports this. I don’t mean offline music – obviously that’s supported elsewhere. What I’m talking about is GPMAA’s ability to create a station based off an artist (a la Pandora) and then save that station for offline enjoyment. With your use of the tube, I’d imagine that to be incredibly handy. Even better, it automatically syncs that station when you get back in range (WiFi or cellular) so it’s nearly always different.

    Both brilliant use-case scenarios that I feel like really set GPMAA apart, and you had 3 months to test it out. For shame, Whatley. 😉

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