Episode 108

This week’s episode is packed. Starting with the news, James and Stefan discuss all the hype around wearables, the Kindle Fire Phone reviews, Apple’s financial results, Microsoft’s financial results, the new Nokia Lumia 530, Foursquare’s new app, Google’s new look for the Play Store, Motorola’s tattoos, the NVIDIA Shield, and finally the Xiaomi Mi 4.


But wait, there’s more! The two also answered listener questions: Why are U.S. operators so horrible? What’s OS X Yosemite all about? Will the iPhone 6 deliver on all the hype? Will we see Broadwell laptops this year? And what’s the last awesome app you’ve discovered?

As always, if you enjoy the program, then give it a rating on iTunes. Even if you hate iTunes, it doesn’t matter, because the more often The Voicemail is rated, the higher it moves up in the rankings.

Show Notes:

[Episode 108, 36 minutes, 57 seconds, 33.8 MB]

Episode 108

6 thoughts on “Episode 108

    1. Jamie Holland says:

      I do like the idea of keeping a note of places you’ve been, searchable and online. “What was the restaurant we went to in XYZ town 2 years ago” and all that. I initially used Google’s check-in thing in Maps, before they ditched it. Now I use FourSquare, or actually Swarm of course. I don’t give a tish about mayors, and nobody else I know uses it so, there’s no gamification here or competing with friends. Luckily Swarm hasn’t crashed for me on my Moto, will use it until it dies or gets annoying, when some other service will hopefully do the same thing for me

  1. BruceMcL says:

    Thank you James, for not drinking before the show, and for apologizing for last week.

    Please keep up the Good News featue. I like to hear what you are enjoying, or makes your life better, etc.

    10 years ago I thought it would be a good idea for carriers to allow web based access to text messages, so I could use my computer to see and reply to SMS as well as my phone. Nice to know there are apps available that will do this now.

  2. Jake says:

    Hey guys – great episode.

    Would be interested to know which non-smartphone devices do you both use day-to-day? Are they part of the same ecosystem/platform as your mobile devices?

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