Episode 107

Apologies for the 24 hour delay, James and Stefan were out enjoying the gorgeous weather. Meteorology report aside, this week the two discussed: Microsoft’s 18,000 job cuts, the LG G3 Beat, the HTC One M8, wearable, rollables, and BlackBerry’s last gasp for air.

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you use iTunes to consume The Voicemail, then do leave it a rating as it helps increase the show’s ranking. The higher up it is, the more people find it.

[Episode 107, 32 minutes, 13 seconds, 29.5 MB]

Episode 107

8 thoughts on “Episode 107

  1. Comment for next week – Regarding this week’s question about user experience: My family has been happy Verizon costumers for about three years now, but upon T Mobile’s recent re-kickoff of uncarrier efforts, I suggested to my parents to shop around to maybe save a bit of money on the monthly phone bill. All was well and good until my sister had to visit a local Verizon retail store for SIM issues. Her and my father got home later that day with her a new phone, a shit Android tablet, and smiles. The smiles were quickly gone when I began to question and and explained to my father that the bastard store rep jipped him into another two years for the new phone, and added X amount to the monthly bill until the substantiated tablet is payed off. With carrier branded Android phones receiving slow (if any) updates, and most people in the U.S. receiving this form of wireless service, why must operators Stateside be so evil? Surely a business model that makes customers happy is the best one. (e.g. the iPhone) Sorry for going a bit long, like the podcast quite a lot, cheers.

  2. Mike Shwartz says:

    Hi Guys.
    What used to be a top podcast has not been so good of late. James, maybe less alcohol BEFORE you record? Or do you do better first thing in the morning? Also, please watch your audio – this week frequently distorting, & also with mic handling noises. Don’t be so hard on Stefan! Interrupting his flow etc. (Like when he was talking about the HTC M8) Let him develop his points FULLY, then maybe argue the toss………. We want the quality back please. Cheers, Mike Shwartz (Essex UK)

    1. Totally agree with Mike. I felt Stefan was often interrupted and i couldn’t hear his opinion.
      Also when James said, “HTC One M8 is one shitty phone”, i wasn’t sure if he was too drunk or out of touch? 🙂

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