Episode 106

This week, James and Stefan talk about: Twitter for Windows Phone finally getting an update, Sony’s new “selfie” phone, Samsung getting robbed in Brazil, Samsung’s virtual reality abomination, Samsung wetting the bed, and the definition of innovation.

As always, feedback is appreciated, especially if you use iTunes. Rate the show. Do it twice, actually, just don’t tell Apple you did that.

Show Notes:

[Episode 106, 36 minutes, 15 seconds, 33.2 MB]

Episode 106

5 thoughts on “Episode 106

  1. Very enjoyable listen, as always. I was interested by your discussion of technical innovations, like the feat of manufacturing the latest components at scale. While I agree these can be impressive, they rarely translate into meaningful changes in the overall customer experience. Do you think we’ll ever see another really significant leap forward in user experience within the smartphone form factor and, if so, what might it be? Or will the next big change to the way customers interact with the digital world happen through another type of device?

  2. Ow Kah Leong says:

    I think you’ll butcher my Nam but it’s ok.

    Stop making fun of WP. Who uses the official Twitter anyway when there are better 3rd party alternative? Both of you don’t, do you?

    Question: Would you have Google and Android dominate all aspects of your life? Or would you prefer to have an alternative? And what must WP do to make you love it?

    By the way, I didn’t rate you on iTunes cos I hated it as well but I’ve listened to each 106 episodes. Including Stefan’s monologue on the Lumia620. Great job, guys!

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