Episode 104

What usually happens is James and Stefan talk about the week’s mobile industry news for 30 minutes. Thanks to Google’s 2 hour and 40 minute keynote today, the format of the program had to change a little. Just think of this episode as the Google I/O episode and you’ll be sorted.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Whether it be via a comment below or on Twitter. Also, if you use iTunes to consume The Voicemail, or if you have an Apple account, please do rate the show since it helps attract new listeners.

Could always use more folks in The Voicemail’s hot tub.

Show Notes:

[Episode 104, 40 minutes, 33 seconds, 37.1 MB]

Episode 104

2 thoughts on “Episode 104

  1. Ned Sarm says:

    My first world problem rant. I have a Nexus 7 2013 LTE tablet and it has yet to receive the latest version of Android, while I see on my RSS that the GPe devices are being updated. C’mon Google!! On a lighter note, one major benefit of larger phones or ‘phablets’ is that they can’t accidentally get flushed down the toilet. Peace!! I’ll show meself out.

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