Episode 098

On this week’s episode, James and Stefan discuss the Moto E and the 4G Moto G, Apple buying Beats (unconfirmed), Nokia’s Head of Photography leaving to join Apple, and the two also answer some listener questions about gaming and the next iPhone.

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[Episode 098, 37 minutes, 06 seconds, 34 MB]

Episode 098

18 thoughts on “Episode 098

  1. Bruce Mc says:

    If this Beats deal was real it seems like it would have been announced already. Maybe the negotiations were real but the deal wonโ€™t close.

    If it does happen, watching what Apple would do with the Beats brand would be entertaining. I did some computer work for a medium sized beer company that managed several brands. They had a craft beer brand, a hip-hop beer brand, and a few others. That was the closest Iโ€™ve come to seeing people manage brands. It wasnโ€™t pretty, but it was interesting.

    Note that sound was a late addition to the first Macintosh, as opposed to the typography which was a very important part of the design from the beginning. And later on it took a while for Apple to put CD players and burners into their computers as well. No question that Apple did a fantastic job with music, but perhaps sound and sound quality are not a big part of Apple’s culture.

    Thank you for doing these podcasts. I always enjoy them and learn something new.

  2. That prepaid thing Stefan mentioned isn’t that uncommon anymore. I’ve recently switched providers to A1, austria’s biggest provider with the best network coverage, but also the most expensive one. They’ve recently raised costs quite a lot (cheapest contract being 35 euro/month, which is a lot compared to others), so i went for a prepaid system like Stefan said: I top up my SIM with 20 euro once a month and for that i get 2000 minutes, 2000 texts and 2000MB of data with 21mbps down and 5 up. If i don’t have that 20 euro available on my SIM after 30 days or i use up the available free units, I will fall back into a traditional plan, where i pay for each minute etc. I really like that solution, gives me freedom to do whatever i want. good stuff.

    good episode again gentlemen

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      You misheard me. I’m saying it’s uncommon in the USA.

      The prepaid I’m using here in Finland works just how I described it. It’s a wallet I fill with money. When I use up all my money, I need to put more money in it.

      1. Prepaid’s big in Asia, too. And the postpaid plans here are just for data/cellular services. Nobody’s handing out phones on contracts here. And if they are, they have ridiculous clauses.

  3. Maybe Stefan wanted to use the term “culture” for marketing to the hip hop crowd. James, is that not it? Like saying, “I’m moving to Cupertino” when you mean Apple, we always use metaphors.

  4. Ned Sarm says:

    Hi guys. Just got sense 6 on my M7 so I think I’ll pass on the M8 for now. (Had a question on episode 96). On another note, a family member recently got an iPhone 5s and wanted to transfer all the information from their previous iPhone 4. I forgot how ridiculous iTunes is (personally I’ve got an iPad and only synced it less than 10 with iTunes). Which brings me to my point. Seven years later and iOS still does not natively support Bluetooth file transfer. Even android does it lamely because you have to confirm each file transfer. I understand the security reasons but symbian allows multiple transfers to be seamlessly processed. Of course course cloud services are available but they are not 100% reliable. Just see the recent adobe debacle.
    Also for a US centric topic the end date for Google voice 3rd party access came and went on the 15th of May and the internet hardly noticed. This is especially irritating since hangouts for iOS does support Google voice dialing while Android, Google’s own OS, does not support this. So do you gentlemen having any experience with a reputable SIP provider or have you ever used VoIP on Android? I had a service called Defi mobile years ago on symbian. On the prepaid issue, T-Mobile USA offers a $30 plan per month with a 100 minutes and unlimited everything else which I was considering changing to. Sorry for the long comment. Listen to you guys every week. Almost 2 years right?

    1. I love your comment, Ned, and agree with you re lack of Bluetooh transfer on iOS being shocking (maybe we’ll see that change later this summer – ha!)

      Digging into everything, you’re just asking the one question of ‘So do you gentlemen having any experience with a reputable SIP provider or have you ever used VoIP on Android?’ – right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      PS. Thank you for the epic long term listenership. Stefan and I are being super cool about very-nearly-hitting 100 episodes, but it’s an awesome milestone and the support we’ve had along the way has been nothing short of fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ned Sarm says:

        Yes I suppose I could have just condensed my question. I used grooveip google voice 3rd party app and it appears it’s still working. BTW, big up to Ricky Cadden. It was thru his blog that I found out about this podcast. Also was looking thru some MIR videos on YouTube specifically the N82 video calling one. Still have my N82 and use it occasionally when nostalgia strikes.

  5. Stew Levine says:

    A question for the upcoming podcast. With rumors/leaks of an M8 Prime, Galaxy S5 Prime, and now a Z3. Are we headed towards a semi-annual release cycle? Can the big guys manage the supply chain at that pace? And can that goose sales in North America where most of us are tied to contracts and upgrading only every 2 to 3 years.

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