Episode 093

This week’s show was published over a day and a half later than usual due to James being away on business. It was also recorded at night, so Stefan and James weren’t as sharp as they usually are when they record first thing in the morning after a cup of coffee.

With that out of the way, here’s what they talked about: The Galaxy S5 launched today. Samsung also fixed the Gear Fit screen orientation bug. HTC’s One M8 has issues reading SIM cards. Some Sony Xperia Z2 owners have serious build quality issues. Amazon bought comiXology. Dropbox announced a bunch of stuff. Facebook is forcing people to download Facebook Messenger. LG’s G Watch got a UK price and release date. Netflix has started streaming 4K. StoreDot scammed the internet. And finally, two questions. One about the Snapdragon 801 versus the Snapdragon 805, and another about how long a phone should last when subjected to typical wear and tear.

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Show Notes:

[Episode 093, 34 minutes, 40 seconds, 31.8 MB]

Episode 093

One thought on “Episode 093

  1. b0mbd0g says:

    Thanks for answering my SOC queries, I have to get a 24 month contract as 3 don’t do nothing else and I’m very happy with their all you can eat 4G and network coverage in my area. And after 2 years my HTC One X is immaculate 🙂

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