Episode 092

Microsoft held a three hour keynote yesterday, which is why James and Stefan went nearly eight minutes long on this week’s episode of The Voicemail. The two also discussed Apple trying to steal designers from Louis Vuitton, what Mozilla’s new CEO thinks about gay marriage, Office for iPad, and the new “Powered by Android” guidelines that device makers now have to follow. There were also quite a few questions answered too.

As always, if you enjoy the show, or want to hurl expletives at us, leave a comment below. And if you use iTunes, a review would be appreciated since it helps attract new listeners.

[Episode 092, 37 minutes, 50 seconds, 34.6 MB]

Episode 092

16 thoughts on “Episode 092

  1. Great show, as usual.
    I know you guys dont like Windows Phone very much, but I think all the new stuff they announced is great, especially the action center and Cortana.
    One other bit of news I noticed, 8.1 update 1 comes out on the same that that XP support ends. Any opinions on that?

  2. b0mbd0g says:

    Great show again lads, particularly like it when Stefan says something outrageous or controversial and James laughs ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a question for next week (if that’s cool) As someone coming from a HTC One X and awaiting my new Z2, I’m worried that the 801 will be immediately embarrassed by the 805 when it comes out, much like when the S4 chipsets & snapdragon 600 crucified the Tegra 3 in my HOX not long after agreeing to a 24 month contract. How much does SOC lust play on your mind when considering an upgrade and am I being worried for wanky first world reasons with regard to 801 vs 805 or will is there some substance to my concern. Love the show, I listen to Steve & Ted on PSC on Mondays as I love their laid back approach, but you two give me a bit more cynicism and bite. Kudos ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the warm feedback, bombdog ๐Ÿ™‚

      That’s a good question re chipsets. Stefan is probably more of an expert in this field, so I’ll throw it on the show notes for the next episode and see what he says.

      Personally, I think the chipset argument (these days at least) is a bit of a much of a muchness. Almost like the megapixel argument of days gone by. Differences between 801 and 805 can’t be that big, surely?

      1. b0mbd0g says:

        Well thinking about it, the lack of support that the Tegra 3 received was possibly more of an issue than how much slower it became in comparison to newer chip sets.. I’m sure the 801 will get loads more support with it being in all 3 flagships. Looking forward to my Z2 now (along with all free things and money from Sony for the delay in them getting it to me!)

  3. Brrrruce says:

    I was raised in Palo Alto, and I still live in the Bay Area. Itโ€™s nice to get commentary on what is going on in mobile tech from two people who are a long way from Silicon Valley!

    Also I appreciate that you both use Android phones, which I use as well. Iโ€™ve been using and liking QuickPic and ES File Explorer for quite a while; it was fun to hear them mentioned in this episode.

    I am very interested in Xiaomi. I used MIUI ROM on my Nexus One a few years ago, and I generally liked it. Then there is Mi Launcher in the Play store that will (sort of) turn any phone into a Xiaomi phone. I used and liked it for a while on my current phone, but it slowed things down a bit.

    Just today Xiaomi announced something more extensive than Mi Launcher in beta, called MIUI Lite. I would be interested in having one of you test drive MIUI Lite and give your reaction.


    1. Thanks for the note BRRRRUCE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m reading more and more about Xiaomi ever day and, what with Hugo Barra setting out his stall for global take over within a couple of years, I think the rest of the world won’t be far behind.

      1. Brrrruce says:

        Using Mi Launcher from the Play store and playing with the included themes app is a mind boggling experience in alternate user interfaces. I definitely recommend trying it.

  4. Guys,
    I usually listen to the podcast in the car so I can’t comment/argue about topics but your podcast is the highlight of my commute. Can you make them an hour long? I need more in car entertainment.

    BTW I did jailbreak my iPhone and it was a learning experience. I learned it was a mistake. I got regular restarts and freezes. All I wanted was for my iPhone to not be password protected when I’m at home but activate the security when I leave. I guess that was too much to ask for.

  5. Great show…question for next week.. With mobile contracts in the UK getting longer and longer – I remember affordable 12 month.,,then 18..now 24 month seems to be the norm,,,do you think phone build quality can sustain this level of constant use? I was thinking about this as I upgraded to a Nokia 925 August last year and within 2 months the screen was really scratched and most of the paint work was chipped around the screen…after 2 years the phone will be a complete mess and Nokia are supposed to have the best build quality!! Also with the level of consistent upgrades coming every 6months or so, is there a risk of being left behind…or is this a ploy of the operators to earn extra ยฃยฃยฃ with customers trading in early and paying off existing contracts…

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